Pick a Polish!

We are often asked where to find teal polish and which kind to use.  There are so many great shades and brands, we can’t recommend just one.  (We don’t sell polish ourselves.)

The prices of the polishes listed below range from about $10 down to $1 for a tiny Sally Girl sample bottle.  All can be found at stores such as Ulta, Target, Sally Beauty Supply, drug stores, and nail salons.

The OPI brand is most often found in salons.  Please visit our spread the word page for suggestions on asking your local salon to support the Teal Toes mission by stocking teal polish in many shades.

Some tips we’ve learned:

  • Teal is “in”!  There are so many polishes we have been told about!
  • Salon brands often last the longest.
  • “Teal” is a beautiful color with many shade variations.  Held up next to each other, you can see that some are bluer and some more green.  We compared it to an ovarian cancer jelly bracelet.
  • Try it on.  What looks very blue in the bottle might be teal-er when you put it on.


Some fun teal shade options are below:

Teal the Cows Come Home OPI Nail Lacquer (”Moo-verlous” deep turquoise)

Dance Party ‘Teal Dawn OPI Nail Lacquer

Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k OPI Nail Lacquer (What a tease! A monster blue…)

OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn OPI Nail Lacquer

Combustealble by Sally Hansen

Oceana professional nail polish by Kokie

Vintage Nail Lacquer by Orly

Flying Solo nail polish by essie

Teal It To My Heart Teal Cream Nail Polish by KBShimmer

Bayside gel nail polish by L.A. Girl